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The term “synchronicity” was created by one of the world’s greatest psychiatrists, Dr. Carl G. Jung. He used the term to explain strange, somewhat magical events that seem to keep showing up in our lives.

Two Parts to Synchronicity

Synchronicity comes into two parts. The first aspect of a synchronistic event is that it…

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One of the signals that someone is genuine and trustworthy is their ability to admit to their weaknesses, recognize their flaws, and acknowledge they don’t have all the answers.

We spend so much time trying to convince the world that we are strong, competent, and better than others, yet many…

Even your choice of milk says a lot about you

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Our brains are designed to be a decision making workhorse. Even a quick trip to “grab some milk on the way home” can initiate a good bit of computations before a final decision for a purchase is made.

Put yourself…

InTrusted Coaching has written an article about how to see if you are a smart, confident woman. Tips to help are included.
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Check the list and find out if you have what it takes.

Women who are confident and smart display some unique traits that we can incorporate into our own lives. Even adopting one or two of these skills can bring us closer to a happier and more prosperous lifestyle. …

April 4, 2020|Also appearing on blog post.

We’ve all heard about post-traumatic stress, but did you know that there’s such a thing as post-traumatic growth as well? Why don’t we hear more about the growth?

Post-traumatic growth was a term developed by Richard G. Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun in…

Did George Washington know how to dress for success? Painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware 1856–71 George Caleb Bingham

Over the years the fields of psychology and marketing have helped enlighten us regarding human perception and how our brains categorize and recognize the world around us.

Long before that scientific confirmation, some leaders intuitively knew that little details could influence human perception and that small changes, even changes in…

January 15, 2020|Life Coach,

As I walked into the local supermarket last night I noticed a young mom and her daughter ahead of me. The mom was on the phone talking to a friend and the daughter, who was about eight or nine years old in my estimation, was…

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Ten manipulation tactics are frequently used when someone tries to gain control over a situation or a person. Some of the tactics are very obvious, while others really sneak under the radar.

Below is the list of these techniques, so you can check to see which ones have been used…

Christina McCaffrey, InTrusted Coaching

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